Business Events

Here are a few of the companies in the last 30 years that found a creative way to spice up their training program, meeting, picnic, kick-off promotion or holiday party:

    MEDINAH CC...Family event


    CHASE BANK...Manager training review

    MIDWEST LIVING MAGAZINE...Top floor Willis Tower

    AVON CORPORATION...Employee award show

    LUTHERAN GENERAL HOSPITAL...Staff training and review

    MICHAEL JORDAN FOUNDATION...Motivation for kids in the USA

    VIRGIN ATLANTIC AIRWAYS...Kick-off celebration London-Chicago flights

    SEARLE PHARMACEUTICAL...Management holiday party

    HELENE CURTIS ...Teaching employees about recycling

    BAXTER CORPORATION...Company picnic

    ANDERSON CONSULTING...Building team support

    APPLE COMPUTERS...Review of training materials

    BATES MECKLER LAW FIRM...Client holiday party

Our 30-60 minute game show can be designed to meet a variety of your needs. Having fun is the key!!! 50 people can play. Questions about your company are desired.


Four games are played...

The winning team of games 1, 2 and 3 come back to play the championship game for a chance to “win the new car” or "dream vacation"!

Each game will include 6 players as contestants. 3 teams (2 players per team). Another 6 people are called to be wheel spinners as they determine the category of questions asked. They may also award points to their favorite team...good way to “schmooz” your way to the top!

Each game includes about 12 questions from 10 different categories. Our categories can change to meet your goals. We almost always use the following categories. Here are a few examples:
    SPORTS...Contestants are given clues to sports...“side out, block, set, serve, spike”
    ANSWER: Volleyball

    MUSIC...Contestants will hear 10 seconds of a song...points are given for artist and title.

    MOVIES...Contestants will hear a theme song of a movie...points are awarded for the title.

    TV SHOWS...Contestants will listen to the opening theme song...points awarded for correct title, as well as other information.

    3R’s...These are questions you would have learned in school...they won’t be overwhelming...success is the key.

    ???...Our host gets to pick the category for this question.

Remember......questions answered incorrectly by the contestants are turned loose to the audience. They will award points to their “favorite” pack the place with your friends and it’s hard to lose!! Audience members also receive prizes for a correct answer.