The Best Educational Assembly in the USA

50,000 Teachers have played it..... 650,000 Students have been selected.....

A total of over 2,000,000 have been a part of our Wisdom Tour in 500 cities

Look At What 5,000 Schools In The USA Have Discovered

Our 50 minute show will include 4 games. Each game is played for a specific grade level, lasting about 10 minutes per game. Each game will include 6 players as contestants and 10 players as wheel spinners. Each rapid spin of the wheel fires a question from 1 of 10 categories. Teachers can include specific grade level questions so that learning is time specific and relevant to each school's curriculum. It's worked since 1985 !!!

Questions answered incorrectly are turned loose to the crowd. A correct answer from the audience allows them to award points to their favorite team and win prizes. At the Jr. high level, the team with the most points wins prizes. At the elementary level , each team's points are added together for one total score. A score of 100 or more wins prizes for all students in that grade level. All contestants receive "lovely parting gifts ". Spinners can Win !!!!

Our question categories can reflect your schools priority, be it reading, drug ed, problem solving, science, family fun or any other. Several schools have successfully used this game as a reward for good behavior and academic achievement. It works... we have principals, teachers, parents and school board members whom you can contact. We have had students from all 50 states play here in Chicago with Michael Jordan. You can contact dozens of DARE officers, or park districts to verify our claims.

Each show will include 24 contestants, 40 wheel spinners, and 12 crowd players for a total of about 80 players per show. Don't forget... teachers get to play as well. Our cost may vary depending on season and location.